What is the best food for Alaskan Malamute ?

What is the best food for Alaskan Malamute ?

Recently 3 Alaskan Malamutes join my project. These stories may help you answer the question: What is the best food for Alaskan Malamute ? I have several other malamutes on my project that also experience great benefits from a raw food diet. Improvement in endurance, muscle tone, temperament, and strength to mention a few.


Feeding mostly beef, game, some fish, rarely some chicken.

After switch to raw her coat went shinier, teeth cleaned up, her performance in pulling a sled is far better, she seems more “elastic”, she drinks less water after meal, her poo is perfect. The only problem we are facing is yeast in summer months when it’s hot and humid (we are from Slovenia, central Europe).


Feeding mostly beef, game, some fish, rarely  some chicken. He had UTI problems (inflammation, stones, ..), he also leaked pee sometimes (is neutered), his breath was very bad. After on raw, all these problems disappeard. Occasionally he has problems with some skin bacteria – yeast like. I guess our climate is guilty.


Feeding mostly beef, game, some fish, rarely some chicken. After every heat period she got an infection in UTI. Now when on raw, this never happend again. Not to mention her shiny coat clean teeth and ears. We will never ever go back to kibble. It is a poison!!


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