Side effects from rabies vaccine in dogs

Side effects from rabies vaccine in dogs

There are reports that the side effects from rabies vaccine in dogs can be anything from minor irritations to cancer!

Axel is from East German lines and we’ve had him since he was 7 weeks old. He was very healthy until after his 2 yr rabies shot in which shortly after came down with ear infections itchy and full of yeast! We did everything, tried everything the vets recommended. Finally after months of drugs and the best grain free food money could buy, he was getting worse not better! Out of frustration I took some chicken breast out of the freezer thawed them an fed them raw to him. I was Surprised he ate them and and didn’t get sick so I researched all I could and within lees then two weeks he was free of yeast, his ears cleared and his energy was back. It took another month to get his beautiful coat back. We joined a raw food co-op and will never go back.
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Axel’s story had a good ending and once again proves that the right food gives the immune system a big boost. I see that side effects from rabies vaccine in dogs are greatly reduce in raw fed dogs. Since most of us by law have to do this, feeding raw is a good insurance against side effects.


Thomas Sandberg is on a mission to extend the life of pets and lower the risk of cancer. He started the Long Living Pet Research Projects in 1999. He follow and document 1000 dogs from around the world that are on a raw food diet. He also helps people that have dogs with cancer using a protocol he has developed over 15 years. 

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