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My name is Thomas Sandberg and I have dedicated my life to improve the health and lifespan of pets and also reduce the risk of our beloved pets ever getting cancer. Since dogs can’t speak I will be their voice and lead pet owners down the path to provide a long healthy life for their pets.

I have a 30-year research/study project going on here: website link

My first 15 years with 80 dogs produced very encouraging results. Two dramatic trends stood out. I noticed a much longer lifespan in dogs, particularly in large and giant breeds. The most astonishing trend was the dramatic reduction in cancer incidents. Statistically, today 60% of dogs get cancer, I think this rate is even higher since many pet owners do not report or even know their dog has cancer.

After trying for 5 years to get a scientific study started, I decided to expand my study and add 1000 dogs from around the world that are fed a raw food diet. I will follow these dogs for the next 15 years and document their health. I will compare these findings to current statistics when it comes to longevity, cancer, plus a range of common diseases seen in dogs and cats today.

If funding is secured, I will expand the study further including 5000 dogs and 2000 cats.

If you currently feed your dog or cat a raw food diet please take part in this project. You can register on this website: Long Living Pets Research Projects

This blog will highlight all the benefits of raw feeding. I will post real life stories showing how switching to raw improved the health of many dogs and cats.

Please share this site with your friends interested in raw feeding.

Thomas Sandberg
“The voice of pets”


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