Month: March 2016

Dogue de Bordeaux, Norman’s superior health

Norman a 2-year-old Dogue de Bordeaux¬†is very healthy, he eats just about everything, but he does not like chicken, haven’t really seen any improvement he has been on raw all his life, but his muscle tone is awesome and he is very fit, very shiny and doesn’t shed much, he doesn’t have doggy breath. My comment: This is a breed I believe can add several years to their average lifespan by feeding a raw food diet. I have several on my study and I’m very excited to follow them all. You can follow Normal...

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Squish’s allergies gone!

Squish is a working dog on a horse farm with me, highly active. I switched to raw after having grain allergy issues. After switching her weight got better (she never loved the kibble and was always on the skinny side, now she’s solid muscle), her allergies (skin itching) are almost completely gone, she is shinier, fitter, and more healthy than she ever was before.   Source: Long Living Pets –...

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