Month: December 2016

Intestinal issues fixed by switching to raw food diet

Vesper’s intestinal issues fixed by switching to raw food diet. Please welcome Vesper (7.8) a Giant Schnauzer from Polan that started on a raw food diet 7 years old. Switched to BARF 2 months ago because of returning problems with intestines and problem with gluten tolerance. We eliminate gluten but still I was not satisfied with coat and excrement. Now all is fine, she is healthy and happy with great coat and color. Vesper’s page:   My Comment I know I’m repeating myself in these comments but thousands of dogs that participate in  my research project at Long Living...

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Loose stool 5 times a day fixed with a raw food diet

Poor Rhodey when to poop 5 times a day on kibble Please welcome Rhodey (1) an Irish Setter from the UK that started on a raw food diet 8 months old. Rhodey is perfectly healthy. He is a show dog. He was switched to raw as he used to defecate 5+ times a day and the consistency was always very sloppy. Despite eating more kibble than recommended by the manufacturer he also seemed skinny and lacking a bit of body, his coat seemed dry and light in colour. I could not believe the difference raw food made. He now has...

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Raw Food Diet Cured Diarrhea and Aggression

How a Raw Food Diet Cured Diarrhea and Aggression Please welcome Leah (3) a Bull Breed Mix from New Zealand that started on a raw food diet 15 months old. I adopted Leah when she was roughly five months old. She was extremely lean at the time – I thought simply due to her life as a stray before being picked up. I learned very quickly that there were some issues, she would vomit and have diarrhea every day, several times, regardless of what she ate. Because of this, she had developed quite severe food aggression – which is...

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Is raw food better than kibble?

Is raw food better than kibble? Many ask that question. Here is another case that answers that question. Case from Long Living Pets Research: Cee Cee (2) and Australian Shepherd that started on a raw food diet 2 years old (August 2016) Our sweet little girl was so itchy and scratching sores on her body (she was miserable). We were feeding her a high quality, grain-free kibble. Our veterinarian put her on a steroid and antihistamine (Termaril P) but I didn’t like the potential side effects so I took her off as soon as I could (before the first...

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