Month: January 2016

Intermittent Pano

Raw ended the limping Swapped at 4 months of age after developing intermittent pano. Previously was in grain free high-grade kibble. Since swapping, no further limping and no health issues. I get all meat/offal from a butcher and make the balance of meat/offal/bone/tripe/veg myself as too much bone in the ready prepared raw cause....

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Kennel Cough gone in a couple of days

No kennel cough vaccination Mabel is a true huntress. Moved to raw just as her older brother was diagnosed with lymphoma (aged 5, he died 6 months later) Mabel is titre tested and has had no vaccines since age 2 and has no chemical worm or flea treatments. Prior to the switch Mabel would occasionally have ‘gunky’ ears. Never an issue now. She recently was in contact with Kennel Cough and other than a couple of days of mild coughing she fought it off with no bother. Her only vet visits now are for annual health...

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