Jacob almost died from wrong medication

Jacob almost died from wrong medication

Jacob (4) is a Labrador cross Cocker that started raw 10 months old. Jake is and entire male crossbreed, he is very fit and active and loves his raw. He eats a mixture of proteins including chicken, duck, pheasant, Turkey, quail, partridge, pigeon, rabbit, hare, venison, lamb, pork, alpaca, ostrich, beef. He eats all different cuts of meat and different types of offal and raw meaty bones. His diet consists of 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% offal 5 % of which is liver the rest a mixture of secreting organs. Growing as a puppy he had a mixture of home cooked and high quality wet and dry food, but was always having problems with loose stool. He fell very ill at 10 months old after being prescribed unnecessary medication for his loose stools when the problem was with his diet. We almost lost Jake, this was when I really started to question what was healthy for my beloved dog. I researched raw and holistic approaches to treating ailments and soon after started raw. No tummy upsets since! He is thriving on a raw diet, has a lovely glossy coat and is in fantastic condition!
Jacob’s page: http://longlivingpets.com/index.php/jacob

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