Month: February 2015

Benefits of feeding raw to dogs

Hello, I’m  Thomas Sandberg, the owner of Long Living Pets Research Projects, a 30-year one-of-a-kind study into the benefits of feeding raw to dogs.  I’m also researching natural approaches to prevent cancer in dogs, and I help dogs that have cancer. I currently track close to 4000 dogs from around world that are fed a raw food diet. The purpose is to compare the longevity and cancer incidents in this group with the current statistics.  I’m 15 years into this study and the initial results are no short of amazing. Dogs live longer healthier lives, some have even doubled their expected lifespan. The incidents of cancer among raw fed dogs dropped dramatically from 40-50% to less than 5%. These results based on the first 15 years are so mind blowing that I  decided to add 1000 dogs to this project to further confirm my findings. This blog is to show pet owner that are sitting on the fence undecided to take the jump into raw feeding. I hope the many stories that will be featured...

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Rex switched to a raw food diet for dogs

Rex, a Great Dane is my inspiration for my Long Living Pets Research Project. He has an amazing history. I got him at age 4. Already at that age he was severely restricted in his movements due to arthritis. He was a rescue that had spent most of his life in a garage sleeping on a cement floor and fed the cheapest dog food available. When I adopted him I was told by the vet that I could not expect to get more than a year or two with him.  Switching Rex to a raw food diet for dogs was...

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