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10 year old GSD Recovering from immune deficiency disorder with a raw food diet

GSD Recovering from immune deficiency disorder with a raw food diet 90% Improvement in skin condition after switching to raw food. Meeka (10) is a GSD that started on a raw food diet 9 years old. Meeka was diagnosed with an immune deficiency disorder, she is prone to yeast infections.  Since switching to pure formulas of Big Country Raw she hasn’t had to be treated with antibiotics or prednisone. Pre raw Meeka was on meds at least 2-3 times per year…she still has flare ups but we are able to manage it with her diet and supplements. She eats...

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9 Year old Husky recovering from diabetes with help of raw food

Husky recovering from diabetes with help of raw food Sirus (10) is a Siberian Husky that started on a raw food diet 9 years old. Sirus was diagnosed with Diabetes when he was 4 yrs old. We struggled trying to manage his diabetes due to him being an irregular diabetic. I finally switched him to Big Country Raw brand. I fed him 8.5 oz Pure Rabbit & 8.5 oz green beans with cinnamon, milk thistle, and Best In Show multi vitamin. His sugars finally regulated and was doing fantastic, his resting glucose ranged from 8.5-11. which is in the...

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Massive improvements by switching to raw

This Goldendoodle experienced Massive improvements switching to a raw food diet Nova (2.9) is a Goldendoodle that started on a raw food diet 2 years old. My dog was diagnosed with arthritis at 1.5y/o. Stressors (fireworks, thunder), weather changes, etc. Would result in her not being able to walk the next day. We switched to raw and she hasn’t had an incident since. She is more active, she has lost weight (she was just under 80lbs before). Her hair is beautiful, teeth are clean, breath no longer stinks. Everything has done a complete 180. She eats the 3 meat blend from...

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Raw food diet improves dogs mentally

There is a myth that if you feed your dog raw meat he/she will become aggressive. That is false. Fitz is a rescue that shows a raw food diet improves dogs mentally Fitzgibbons (Fitzy) a Schnauzer Terrier mix from Canada that started raw 15 months old. Fitzy is a rescue dog born into a shelter in Louisiana. He has always been the most loyal and loving puppy to my partner and I, but was extremely fearful (non-agressive) with strangers.Since switching to raw, Fitz is becoming much braver, sniffing people at street corners, allowing people to pet him, provoking pets...

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