Month: July 2015

Itchy dull skin and coat gone with raw food

Laylah (2) from OH a Miniature Dachshund that started raw 1 year old. I started Laylah on Raw because of all the allergy symptoms she was experiencing. I started her on raw 6 months ago and she has improved remarkably. No more itchy dull skin and coat, nor yeasty ears. She has a higher energy level and looks beautiful. I feed prey model raw with a large variety, her favorites are whole rabbit with fur and duck heads. Feeding raw is the best thing I have ever done for my dog and wish I would have done it sooner....

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Switching to raw and detox

Please welcome Nai’Lah (5) from GA a American Bully. I started Nai’lah on raw when she was 3 years old. She had really dry skin, itching all the time but other than that, she seemed perfect. I started her out on coconut oil, adding a little to her kibble every day. Eventually I started her on chicken quarters, and slowly started feeding strictly raw meals, including beef, venison, chicken, turkey, duck, and ox just to name a few. I noticed an immense amount of shedding in the beginning, considered switching back to kibble, but was told this was all...

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Raw food is a great Newfoundland dog diet

She was underweight, severe skin allergies, a lackluster coat, and no appetite Maheli (4) a Newfoundland from SC that started raw 8 months old. She eats everything…rabbit, bison, beef, chicken, turkey, sardines, tripe, quail, raw meaty bones and organs. She is in great health. Vibrant, spunky, white teeth, no stinky breath. She was switched to raw at 8 months old because I couldn’t find a kibble that didn’t make her sick. She was underweight, severe skin allergies, a lackluster coat, and no appetite. I made the switch to raw and have never looked back. She loves her meals, is...

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Raw food cured Polyarthritis and Hypothyroidism

Raw food cured Polyarthritis and Hypothyroidism in Cosmos Cosmos (8) a Border Collie x Flat Coated Retriever that started raw 7 years old. Cosmos was diagnosed with Polyarthritis and Hypothyroidism, so after months of research, I decided a raw diet would be the best option for him. He eats beef, pork, and fish products – organ, bone, and muscle meat – as well as egg. The improvements I’ve seen from his diet change, along with his medication, are incredible. I cannot recommend raw feeding enough. Cosmos page: If you have a dog that raw food cured Polyarthritis and Hypothyroidism...

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Arya went from high end kibble to raw

From high end kibble and commercial raw food to home made raw. Arya (4) started raw 2 years old. When feeding kibble (Taste of the Wild), it was difficult to get her to eat and to keep weight on her. I originally had her on K9 Kraving, but switched to a mix of chicken, pork shoulder, and organs, with the occasional fish, egg, and beef. She LOVES it, and price-wise, it works out to the same amount as either the K9 Kraving or the TOTW. Arya’s page:...

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