Intestinal issues fixed by switching to raw food diet

Intestinal issues fixed by switching to raw food diet

Vesper’s intestinal issues fixed by switching to raw food diet.

Please welcome Vesper (7.8) a Giant Schnauzer from Polan that started on a raw food diet 7 years old.
Switched to BARF 2 months ago because of returning problems with intestines and problem with gluten tolerance. We eliminate gluten but still I was not satisfied with coat and excrement. Now all is fine, she is healthy and happy with great coat and color.
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I know I’m repeating myself in these comments but thousands of dogs that participate in  my research project at Long Living Pets Research Projects  are victims of these issues before they are switching to raw. I will continue to post these because no drugs and medication can permanently fix this! They are not addressing the source, the source is the food! When you feed food not meant for a carnivore’s digestive system you’re promoting intestinal issues that can lead to more complications down the road. Would you fuel your car with the wrong gas? Would you feed meat to horse or cow? Knowing what a carnivore is would help you make the right decisions when it comes to food choices for your dog and cat. I urge you to google carnivore.  One thing is having me tell you another and much better, is to do you own research and discover. this.

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