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Are Dogs Carnivores or Omnivores? The Big Debate

Are Dogs Carnivores or Omnivores? This debate does not seem to go away. Here is my view on this. Let me make one thing clear first. I’m not trying to change your mind with regards to what you believe when it comes to the question: Are Dogs Carnivores or Omnivores? I am writing this article to explain better why I believe dogs are carnivores. Almost daily I get this: “Dog’s are Omnivores not Carnivores” in response to what I state in some of my youtube videos and that’s all they say! No one offers further explanations as to why...

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Are Dogs Carnivores?

Are Dogs Carnivores or Omnivores? This is probably the biggest topic of discussion online. Most of the commercial kibble companies want dogs to be classified as omnivores and since they train most veterinaries they too promote this and by doing that they go against the scientific  classification:   We need to acknowledge that it is scientifically proven that dogs are carnivores. I get email daily saying I’m wrong. I ask for proof that I am and I never get any. The ones benefitting (financially) from dogs being omnivores are promoting this heavily these days. I wish they were omnivores it would...

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Thank you Dawg Business!

I’m always grateful for mentions and I thank Dana a dog health advocate and a blogger for her article about my study. She writes: We all agree that the biggest flaw of our dogs is their short lifespan. We all wish they could live way longer than they do. The biggest question is whether it has to be this way.   Read more...

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Pets do pot – Some pets do pot to fight cancer

An article was written with the title “When pets do pot: A high that’s not so mighty.” First I thought they were given pot for medical reasons since this is being done and I’m a part of that study. Dog’s with cancer given small doses of cannabis oil has shown promising results when it comes to tumor suppression and apoptosis. I research cancer in pets using an all natural approach. My protocol is based on a ketogenic diet, fasting, calorie restriction and natural cancer killing supplements. This approach compared to standard of care has shown very promising results.  And it won’t hurt your pet! More about my research here: 50% of dogs get cancer which is totally unacceptable to me! Unlike most that have succumb to this number and sort of accepted it, I have dedicated my life to do something about it. For the last 15 years I have studies cancer in dogs and cats and come to the conclusion that the main cause of cancer in pets are pet food and vaccination. I have a 30-year study with over 1000 pets from around the world that are NOT fed typical pet food, they are fed a diet I believe to be the diet dogs are meant to eat: raw meats and bones. My first 15 years indicate that I’m on to something huge! The cancer rate is...

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