Raw fed 8 year old Great Dane

Raw fed 8 year old Great Dane
Great Dane Camelot

Camelot a 8 year old Great Dane.

Camelot just turned 8 and is not showing any signs of slowing down.

Camelot was born in 2007. He had a rough first 1 1/2 years. He had been adopted a couple of times and then returned due to being emotionally imbalanced. I convinced the rescue organization to let me adopt him. He was an complete emotional wreck when he arrived, but after 2 weeks he calmed down and adjusted and have since been a perfectly balanced dog. When I tell people this is how  a raw fed 8 year old Great Dane looks like, most people are in disbelief.

I feed a mix of raw food and bones.

As meats I feed mostly chickens, pork and beef. For organ meat I use liver from either chicken or beef. He also gets an egg every other day.

For supplements I give. Essiac tea, Apricot seeds (B17), Omega 3, Diatomaceous Earth.


Camelot 8 years old

Camelot lives in beautiful Park City, Utah

A perfect dog

Camelot has never missed a meal. He loves everything he is being served.  He never had any major medical issues. He loves getting his ears rubbed and will purr like a cat when I do that. He is so well behaved that he will not get up from the couch when people visits us. They have to come to him.

Camelot is part of the Long Living Research Project found here

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