Mange and Parvo fixed by switching to a raw food diet.

Mange and Parvo fixed by switching to a raw food diet.

Australian Cattle Dog mix’s Mange and Parvo fixed by switching to a raw food diet in only six months!

Rua (3) an Australian Cattle Dog cross from Canada that started raw 6 months old.
Rua is a very active dog who came to us as a foster dog with many health issues. She had mange, parvo and overall an unwell dog. We switched her to raw immediately and it still took another 6 months, Chinese medicine and supplements to get her healthy. Since then, and continuing her on a fully raw diet, she has had no health issues. We travel and camp often and we have realized she cannot tolerate any cooked food (not even dehydrated). She pukes and has mucousy diarrhea for days after even just one meal. We now travel with raw for her and can get away with giving her some freeze dried.
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My Comment: This is such a great indication how a raw food diet restores the immune system and heals from within. This poor dog could easily have been subject to a range of drugs to fix the symptoms if an allopathic approach was chosen instead. These chronic diseases arise from a dysfunctional immune system that in turn throws all organ systems off balance. There is no drug or medication that return these systems back to a normal function. This can only be done by proper dieting and with some help from natural supplements. I’m so glad Rua’s owner went the natural way. I’ve seen these results hundreds of times among the dogs in my study. Thanks for sharing. You’re looking mighty good there.

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