Month: November 2016

Massive improvements by switching to raw

This Goldendoodle experienced Massive improvements switching to a raw food diet Nova (2.9) is a Goldendoodle that started on a raw food diet 2 years old. My dog was diagnosed with arthritis at 1.5y/o. Stressors (fireworks, thunder), weather changes, etc. Would result in her not being able to walk the next day. We switched to raw and she hasn’t had an incident since. She is more active, she has lost weight (she was just under 80lbs before). Her hair is beautiful, teeth are clean, breath no longer stinks. Everything has done a complete 180. She eats the 3 meat blend from...

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Recovered from pancreatitis by switching to raw

Jasper (7) is a Daschund/Italian Greyhound/Cocker Spaniel/English Setter cross. that started on a raw food diet 3 years old. Jasper is a rescue. We got him at 8 months old and put him on what was considered a high quality kibble. We did not know about the raw diet at this time so we thought we were doing well by him. He was on this diet for a little over a year and then he developed pancreatitis. About the same time, our second dog developed crystals in her urinary tract and the vet recommended Hills Science Diet for both...

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Amazing recovery for a street dog from Greece

Lemonia (5) is a Border Terrier/Maltese/Dalmatian/Weimaraner/Rhodesian Ridgeback cross that started on a raw food diet 10 months old. Lemon is a street dog from Santorini, Greece. The first 4 months of her life, she scavenged and not very well. She was skin and bones when we found her and basically starving to death. She had puncture wounds from the bigger dogs and she was infested with fleas. She was on Acana brand food for about 5 months and then she was switched to raw and has been ever since. Her current diet is mostly bison, goat, rabbit, elk, wild salmon,...

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