Labrador with skin infections cured with a raw food diet

Labrador with skin infections cured  with a raw food diet

Once again: Labrador with skin infections cured  with a raw food diet

Jaspa (6) is a Labrador that started on a raw food diet 15 months old.

We switched to Raw diet after I did extensive research into why he was constantly getting skin infections during his first year of life and everything lead to not being able to digest grain which lead to trying out the prey model diet which I felt was best. Massive improvement followed no more skin problems dropped weight from 42kg to sit around 38 to 39kg. The Beautiful coat which people comment on almost daily. Never needed a teeth clean and never has to see a vet for ill health. He has mucky ears during summer which I am sure is from constant swimming. He is a healthy beautiful 6.5 year old boy.
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My comment:

These are stories that are so common among dogs that have skin issues that I do not understand how so many vets can be against a raw food diet. Most of these dogs have been treated with all sort of medications that are toxic to their organ systems with no improvement and in some cases trigger other issues. The moment they get off these drugs and switch to a raw food diet they improve dramatically! How can this be ignored? The proof is right there in front of their eyes? How can this not convince a highly educated person? Vets are among the most intelligent professionals I know of.  I just do not get it! Unless other factors are more important than the health of the animals, I honestly don’t like to think so.




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