Can a raw food diet help hip dysplasia?

Can a raw food diet help hip dysplasia?

Many pet owners wonder: Can a raw food diet help hip dysplasia?

Ria (5) started raw 3 years old.
She was showing signs of allergies few months before I switched her to raw. She also has hip dysplasia. Few weeks after switching her skin has improved and to my big surprise, her hip condition improved as well. Over a year later and her coat is beautiful, she still licks one her paws now and again, but it’s nothing to compare to bald face and sores all over her legs she had before. She is fed venison, rabbit and now and again turkey and duck, eggs, some vegetables , coconut oil, vegetable oil , sardines once in a while.
Ria’s page:

My comment: Of course this is only one incident but I have heard this before and it makes total sense to me. A raw food diet low in carbs will lower the inflammation dramatically and that one thing that is helpful with this chronic disease. I’m gathering more stories to see if there is a trend. If you have a dog with hip dysplasia, on or off medication and not seeing any significant improvements please contact me at

Dogs are carnivores and will get maximum benefit from a carnivore diet. As this website shows, raw food has fixed many health issues since the immune system and other organ systems become functional again.  I urge anyone with a dog suffering from any chronic disease to consider a raw food diet. If you need help I’m always will to assist. My approach is 100% natural and works with the dog’s designed functions not against them.

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