Raw food cured massive allergies in a 7 year old dog

Raw food cured massive allergies in a 7 year old dog

After 7 years of agony, raw food cured massive allergies

Fafner (10) is a Bully breed mix that started on a raw food diet 7 years old.
Switched to raw after hearing about how it could ease his allergy symptoms (entire stomach covered in hives, causing him to scratch constantly, and irritable bowels that caused many hours of steam cleaning carpets his entire life).

Hives and pinkness were gone within a week of switching to raw food. He’s had uncontrollable diarrhea only once in almost 3 years (used to be on a more monthly basis before I found a kibble he could mostly handle, then it was several times a year). Cleaner teeth. Small, firm poop that barely smells. Softer and whiter fur that needs to be washed much less often. He partially tore his CCL almost 2 years ago; with an increase in red meat and added turmeric and glucosamine supplements, he seems to have fully healed (he’s at least not limping or in pain anymore). Excitement for every single meal.

We feed chunked pork and beef heart (alternated weeks at a time, depending on what the butcher has), chicken thighs and drumsticks, other red proteins when we get them (but nothing regularly), kidney/liver blends (sometimes a different organ than kidney, but always liver), occasional green tripe, occasional fish, omega-3 supplements, raw fresh egg 2-3 times per week.
Fafner’s page: http://longlivingpets.com/fafner

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