Doberman recover from testicular cancer

Doberman recover from testicular cancer

Atum, a 14 year old Doberman recover from testicular cancer

We switched Atum to a raw diet at 12 years old. At 11 he was diagnosed with testicular cancer; his testes were removed and he fully recovered. While looking for a better way to feed him, we discovered raw feeding – most of his life he had eaten home cooked food and occasionally kibble.

Within days of feeding raw, we saw an increase in energy levels, mental stimulation and overall physical health – he ran down the street nonstop for a first time in a long time. After raw feeding, we never looked back.

He is now 15 years old, spends most of his days resting inside, but enjoys evening walks and is still very vocal and mentally active. He still eats raw meat mixed in with veggies.


My comment:

This is a perfect example of how to recover and prevent cancer from returning. Get on a raw food diet. This will build and maintain a strong immune system which is, in my opinion, the only way to stay cancer free. A strong immune system will regulate the cancer cells that we all have into the process of apoptosis (cell death).

If you have a dog with cancer please contact me and I will help you create a protocol that I have used in many cancer cases. There is not guarantee but treating cancer with a nontoxic protocol that supports the immune system  is from my experience most effective.





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