English Cream Golden Retriever fed raw

English Cream Golden Retriever fed raw

Emma is a 2 year old English Cream Golden Retriever fed raw from age 1 1/2 . She was switched to raw after the family switched to locally grown organic, no grain, no sugar and grass fed food sources. She never enjoyed kibble. After switching to raw I finally understood how joyful feeding time can be for a dog. Within a few weeks I noticed a shinier coat. I was trying to use up the rest of the kibble we had but she never touched it again.

My last two dogs died from cancer. I thank you for your research.

Thomas’ comment:
I see this all the time, dogs are finicky eater on kibble and as soon as they get the taste of raw their excitement, behavior and  anticipation changes dramatically. It’s like they are telling us: “Hey, finally you figured out what I’m meant to eat!” To me the sound of crushing bones sound so right and natural.

Her is Emma’s page on the Raw feeding study at Long Living Pets Research Projects

You can learn more about English Cream Golden Retriever here

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I'm on a life mission to help dogs and cats live longer healthier lives and reduce the risk of cancer in pets. Join my research project at: https://www.longlivingpets.com

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