Oscar refuse to eat kibble

Oscar refuse to eat kibble


Some pets refuse to eat kibble

Oscar (2) a Weimaraner from UK that started raw 4 months old.
Once switching to raw food oscars coat was smoother and shinier. His weight never fluctuates and is very muscular. He was refusing to eat his kibble and when we switched he started to enjoy his meals and we never had any problems with him refusing his meals since. He has a small meat mince with offal or tripe or oily fish such as sprats or mackerel with blended raw veg for breakfast and tea and a bone meal at lunch such as a carcass, duck neck or ribs. The vet always comments on the condition of his coat and teeth. He is 2 and has although suffers with hay fever type allergies has been very healthy.
Oscar’s page: http://longlivingpets.com/index.php/oscar


My comment: I can’t count how many times I have seen this. I must have hundreds of dogs on my study that did not like kibble and when switched to raw never missed a meal.

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