Loose stool 5 times a day fixed with a raw food diet

Loose stool 5 times a day fixed with a raw food diet

Poor Rhodey when to poop 5 times a day on kibble

Please welcome Rhodey (1) an Irish Setter from the UK that started on a raw food diet 8 months old.

Rhodey is perfectly healthy. He is a show dog. He was switched to raw as he used to defecate 5+ times a day and the consistency was always very sloppy. Despite eating more kibble than recommended by the manufacturer he also seemed skinny and lacking a bit of body, his coat seemed dry and light in colour. I could not believe the difference raw food made.

He now has 1 (max 2 poos, if on a long walk) a day and they are perfectly formed. This change was almost instant! His coat is now darker and shiny. He has got nice muscle tone.
I feed minimum 4 different verities of meat (including bone and offal), eggs (biotin) and vegetables. I feed vegetables separately. I supplement salmon oil (omega3), brewers yeast (B group vitamins), brown algae (iodine), haemoglobin (iron). I’m going to regularly do blood tests to adjust the diet.
Rhodey;s page: http://longlivingpets.com/rhodey


My comment:

This is a very common occurrence in many dogs since kibble is not food for a carnivore. Their digestive system has the enzymes for breaking down raw meats and bones and absorb nutrients from this type of food, not cooked. If you struggle with a dog that goes to the bathroom more than twice a day something is not working right. If you feed kibble I recommend you move to raw and I’m pretty sure you’ll see a big difference.

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