Raw food diet improves dogs mentally

Raw food diet improves dogs mentally

There is a myth that if you feed your dog raw meat he/she will become aggressive. That is false.

Fitz is a rescue that shows a raw food diet improves dogs mentally

Fitzgibbons (Fitzy) a Schnauzer Terrier mix from Canada that started raw 15 months old.
Fitzy is a rescue dog born into a shelter in Louisiana. He has always been the most loyal and loving puppy to my partner and I, but was extremely fearful (non-agressive) with strangers.Since switching to raw, Fitz is becoming much braver, sniffing people at street corners, allowing people to pet him, provoking pets himself. He has also become more attentive at home with training and commands. Again, while he was okay at this before, his obedience and attentiveness have really improved. We feed Fitz a combination of “Mega Raw” and “Big Country Raw” brands. He took to raw instantly, originally we made the switch because he would go days without eating his kibble. We tried Fromm, Blue, Acana, he didn’t like any of it. But he now drools while I weigh his meals for him. Raw has made a huge positive improvement in all of our lives.

Fitzy’s page: http://longlivingpets.com/index.php/fitzgibbons-fitzy


I have seen this many time and firmly believe a raw food diet improves dogs mentally


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