A smelly dog is a sick dog

A smelly dog is a sick dog

Smelly dog is a warning signal – it is not normal.

Do you have a smelly dog? Have you wondered why your dog stink? The answer is very simple. It’s caused by all the products in your pet food that your dog is unable to digest. These chemicals travel through your pet’s body. Your dog’s body detect these and understand that this is poison to your dog’s health and will push them out through the skin, breath and poop (all smelly). This is a part of your dog’s immune system working. Eventually, it will be too much junk to handle, and a large amount of it stays in the body and corrupt the cell’s respiratory system (mitochondria). These damaged cells will die, however some will survive and up-regulate themselves and turn into unregulated cells that ferment. That is the start of a cancer cell!

What’s the solution….

Brian (3) a Rottweiler from Australia that started raw 2 years old. Brian was on expensive LPB kibble and home cooked meat for the first 2 years. He wasted a lot of the kibble, we threw it to the birds. Switched gradually to raw, loves it. Human grade beef and kangaroo mince, organs, heart, brisket bones, chicken frames. He is in excellent shape, tiny poop and no doggy smell whatsoever.
Brian’s page: http://www.longlivingpets.com/index.php/brian

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I'm on a life mission to help dogs and cats live longer healthier lives and reduce the risk of cancer in pets. Join my research project at: https://www.longlivingpets.com

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