Stop diarrhea in dogs by feeding raw – Bump did just that!

Stop diarrhea in dogs by feeding raw – Bump did just that!

Can raw food stop diarrhea in dogs ? For Bump it was what he needed to get back to normal.

Bump is a dog on the Long Living Pets raw feeding project. He joined 1000 dogs from around the world being fed a diet of raw meats and bones.

Bump is a three year old Border Collie that started raw 6 months old.

From the owner: I acquired Mr Bump at age 8 weeks – he did not thrive on any food wet or dry. He had constant diarrhea, his fur was sparse,dry flaky, he was so boney they stuck out. Never heard of raw till saw on Facebook. Gave him raw and he became a different dog – amazing change – never looked back – Nutriment for breakfast, Nature’s menu for dinner.

My comment: This is one of the most common side effects of feeding commercial dog food. The most common treatment to stop diarrhea in dogs is to add rice. Dogs can’t digest rice it has no value to them at all. It sucks the water of of the body and food. This is why it firms up the poop. People notice this and think everything is fine now. No! It’s absolutely not fine. The dog’s pancreas is under a lot of stress trying to digest this food since it lacks the enzymes necessary to break it down to make it absorbable  for the small intestines . It managed to break down some, but in order to digest this type of food a much longer digestive track is required and lots of the digestive enzyme Amylase. A dog’s digestive system have neither.

I have 1000 dogs on a raw feeding project and I have seen many cases were switching to raw food improved the digestive process. I believe this can be a very effective way to  stop diarrhea in dogs.

Why? Well, dogs are carnivores and meant to eat a carnivorous diet of raw meats and bones. This matches their digestive system’s designed mechanism for processing food. What it comes down to is to go back to nature and feed what dogs are by design meant to eat. It’s as simple as that!

If this peaked you interest in feeding raw I wrote a book for beginners wanting to feed their dogs a better diet. You can learn more about it here.

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