Cricopharyngeal Dysphagia in Dogs

Cricopharyngeal Dysphagia in Dogs

Swallowing disorder – cricopharyngeal dysphagia in dogs can be fatal.

Boomer (6) a Mini Australian Shepard /Pomeranian started raw 5 years old. Boomer gets 5 oz of food a day. He has cricopharyngeal dysphagia, which is what first made me want to feed Raw, also his teeth were horrible. I feed mostly meat but am starting to incorporate some raw veggies and fruit. I use the 80-10-5-5. Meat ,bone, liver, other organ.
Since putting him on raw he has completely stopped regurgitating, which could cause aspiration. His vets are amazed that he is still alive since most dogs with this die in puppyhood. He made it on Grain Free dog food until that wasn’t good enough and I went to raw. His teeth are a complete turn around, though since he lost so many, much of his food is ground, I give him one lamb rib bone a week and that keeps his teeth nice and clean. His coat is the first thing most people comment on, he is extremely shiny and soft.

Boomer is a part of a raw feeding project with 1000 other dogs from around the world. This project is documenting the many beneifts of feeding raw food to dogs. Boomer’s page:

My comment: I hope this can help everyone that struggle with cricopharyngeal dysphagia in dogs. I’m not saying this will work for all dogs with this disease, but if you are currently feeding kibble it is worth trying to switch to raw. If you do  If know how to do that I have written a book for beginner that will get you started. You learn more about it here

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