Street dog switched to raw and cured distemper

Street dog switched to raw and cured distemper

Romanian Street dog switched to raw and cured distemper

Please welcome Dora (3) a Carpatin mix from Germany to the raw feeding study. She started on a raw food diet 1.5 years old.

She lived on the streets of Romania for six months. Survived distemper, has great teeth. She was neutered with 6 months. We got her when she was 1.5yrs and started raw feeding then. Before she was on dry food. After 3 weeks her fur was shinier, teeth cleaner and intestines worked well. I feed her beef, sheep, horse, deer, chicken, herring.
Now she is 2.5yrs and I just got a blood check. Everything is perfect!
Dora’s page:

My Comment: Love these stories! From the streets of Romania to Germany and adopted by wonderful owners that feed a raw food diet. Talk about winning the doggy owner lottery!  Again raw feeding fixed serious issues. These are undeniable proof  (please browse this site for more) that feeding a diet a dog is designed for restores the organ systems and immune functions. The way a dog’s  body responds to these nutrients and transformations that occur are so evident but still many professionals deny that this is a good diet for dogs! This will change.

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