Is mixing kibble with raw good or bad?

Is mixing kibble with raw good or bad?

Many ask me: Is mixing kibble with raw good or bad?

Indigo (11) is a German Shepherd from WA that started on a raw food diet 9 years old.
Indigo suffered an immune system attack last year, resulting in extreme poly-arthritis. I had been feeding him raw with his kibble for a couple of years before that (breakfast-raw, dinner-not) and as part of his recovery, with the assistance of great conventional and Naturopathic Veterinarians, I switched him to all raw. He has slowly recovered and is energy and movement-wise, back to normal and is doing great. Also in the process he lost the majority of his coat;that has grown back to a gorgeous puppy coat-soft and thick! He has also had digestive issues (non-diagnosed, as I can manage them) and those have been non-existent for the past year.
Indigo’s page:

My Comment:  I have never been a fan of mixing kibble with raw and seen examples similar to the above. This mix sends confusing messages to the digestive system in my opinion. His recovery will continue! Looking forward to future updates.

Proteins from a raw food diet are what a dog prefer not the altered proteins from kibble food. The chemistry of these proteins have been altered by the heating processes kibble goes through during manufacturing. Kibble also completely lack enzymes vital for proper digestion, these are destroyed when meats are heated above 118 degrees F. Kibble also contains plant protein that a carnivore takes longer to digest (most plant material they can’t digest due to lack of enzymes) and they will stay in the gut much longer using organ resources that dimish the effectiveness of the entire organ system as a whole. Over time this will degenerate the immune system and its ability to maintain optimal health in our pets. I also believe kibble will alter the ph level in a dog’s stomach making it less acidic allowing more pathogens to pass through to the intestines and putting more stress on the defence. So when someone ask Is mixing kibble with raw good or bad? You no know how I feel .

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