Dogs are Carnivores! Proper Nutrition is the Foundation for a Long Healthy Life

Fresh Air, Sun and Exercise is Essential for a Long Healthy Life

Rest is as important as exercise.

About Pets Love Raw Food

I’m  Thomas Sandberg, the owner of Long Living Pets Research Projects, a 30-year one-of-a-kind study into the benefits of feeding raw food to dogs. I follow 1000 (soon to be 5000 dogs and 2000 cats) from around the world, they are all fed a raw food diet.  I’m also researching natural approaches to preventing cancer in dogs, and I help dogs that have cancer using a protocol I have developed over the last 16 years.


The purpose of this study is to compare the longevity and cancer incidents in this group with the current statistics.  I’m 16 years into this study, and the initial results are no short of amazing. I found that dogs live longer healthier lives; some have even doubled their expected lifespan. The incidents of cancer among raw fed dogs dropped dramatically from 40-50% to less than 5%. These results based on the first 15 years are so mind blowing that I  decided to add 1000 (2014-2015) dogs to this project to further confirm my findings. In 2016, I hope to add 4000 more.


‘Pets love raw food’ is a blog featuring pets that benefited from switching to a raw food diet plus other information related to raw feeding and cancer prevention. Hopefully, this will help pet owners that are sitting on the fence, undecided about taking the jump into raw feeding to see the amazing benefits this type of feeding promotes. I hope the stories featured here will help you make the decision to switch your dog or cat to a diet fit for a carnivore.

Help with switching to rawextend the life of pets book

If you are unsure and not confident enough to switch and start your dog or cat on a raw fed diet, I wrote a book about that. You can find out more about it here. This book is for absolute beginners to raw feeding. It will take you through the first steps.

Included is my full support as long as you need. You will never be left alone, and you can ask all the questions you like. There is also a section that will teach you how you can drastically reduce the risk of your dog or cat getting cancer. That part is priceless in my opinion.


Do not let fear stop you from giving your pet the food it was designed for. It’s about your pet’s health! Take back the responsibility for your pet. The hardest part is to make that decision to switch. Once you have made that you will no look back. The benefits will be evident withing days.

Below you find stories from pets that benefited greatly
when switching to an all raw food diet

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Thank you Dawg Business!

Thank you Dawg Business!

I'm always grateful for mentions and I thank Dana a dog health advocate and a blogger for her article about my study. She writes: We all agree that the biggest flaw of our dogs is their short lifespan. We all wish they could live way longer than they do. The biggest...

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