9 Year old Husky recovering from diabetes with help of raw food

9 Year old Husky recovering from diabetes with help of raw food

Husky recovering from diabetes with the help of raw food

This is very interesting to me. To see a dog recovering from diabetes with the help of raw food is very encouraging since this has become an epidemic. We raw feeders are aware of the widespread damage kibble can cause for our pets and diabetes is one of them. The conventional approach is medication to control this. That is in my opinion,  and it is from my experience, the beginning of the end, unfortunately, if the dog stays on kibble. There is hope for recovery if the diet is changed and that’s what this story is about.


From the owner:

“Sirus (10) is a Siberian Husky that started on a raw food diet 9 years old.
Sirus was diagnosed with Diabetes when he was 4 yrs old. We struggled to try to manage his diabetes due to him being an irregular diabetic. I finally switched him to Big Country Raw brand. I fed him 8.5 oz Pure Rabbit & 8.5 oz green beans with cinnamon, milk thistle, and Best In Show multivitamin.

His sugars finally regulated and was doing fantastic, his resting glucose ranged from 8.5-11. which is in the normal range,( getting 17 units of insulin per meal). However, due to Rabbit being so low in Calories he lost alot of weight.  

I am since now changing his diet to BCR’s Blend of Game Bird( pheasant, duck, Cornish hen, consisting of meat, bone & liver. and upped his amount to 13.5 oz & 8,5oz of green beans, with Moringa powder, cinnamon, milk thistle twice a day.  

We are now trying to get him regulated as his sugar are quite high. giving 21 units of insulin, since switching to raw though Sirus has perked right up energy wise, his coat is amazing, he plays like a puppy at 10 yrs old.”

Sirus page: https://longlivingpets.com/sirus


My Comment

I love this story! As I mentioned above diabetes has become an epidemic and it should not. Back when I was a kid in Norway and I asked my mom about this the other day too, we never heard of dogs getting diabetes. In my opinion, the only way that can happen is when feeding a dog or cat food they were never designed for.

Most people will have no clue when I say that unless they have done research online for alternative treatment for diabetes. Pet owners from all over the world have fallen for the notion that dog food is what the pet food companies make and label pet food. This is an example of taking advantage of animal lovers that want the best for their pets. They produce high-end beautiful commercials promoting their products as that is what pets are designed to eat. Lately, they must have felt the pressure from the growing raw feeding community since they now use raw meat, fresh vegetables and fruits falling from the sky in their commercials giving the impression that that is what you will find inside the bag.

It is a world of difference between raw meat and the end result called kibble. They have little or nothing in common. Raw has all the beneficial nutrients, enzymes and probiotics that dogs need for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients necessary to sustain a robust immune system that protects a dog from diseases and also add years to their lives.

Kibble does the exact opposite. The process of making it (cooking it at least twice at high temperatures) kills most of (if not all) nutrients, enzyme, and probiotics. They must know this since they try to add all this back into the finished product by spraying synthetic version of these over the kibble.

A dog’s and cat’s digestive system was never meant to get their nutrients from synthetic (man-made) sources. This in many cases is foreign to their body and they will eliminate them or store them in their fat in case it is something they need later. The body becomes confused about how to handle this. The bottom line and the sad results from feeding kibble are that the body will lack the proper nutrients, enzymes, and probiotics to sustain a healthy immune system. This will result in a high amount of oxidative stress which in my opinion is the source of most things that can go bad in a body and it also speeds up the aging process drastically.




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