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Can a raw food diet help hip dysplasia?

Many pet owners wonder: Can a raw food diet help hip dysplasia? Ria (5) started raw 3 years old. She was showing signs of allergies few months before I switched her to raw. She also has hip dysplasia. Few weeks after switching her skin has improved and to my big surprise, her hip condition improved as well. Over a year later and her coat is beautiful, she still licks one her paws now and again, but it’s nothing to compare to bald face and sores all over her legs she had before. She is fed venison, rabbit and now...

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Mange and Parvo fixed by switching to a raw food diet.

Australian Cattle Dog mix’s Mange and Parvo fixed by switching to a raw food diet in only six months! Rua (3) an Australian Cattle Dog cross from Canada that started raw 6 months old. Rua is a very active dog who came to us as a foster dog with many health issues. She had mange, parvo and overall an unwell dog. We switched her to raw immediately and it still took another 6 months, Chinese medicine and supplements to get her healthy. Since then, and continuing her on a fully raw diet, she has had no health issues. We...

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Is mixing kibble with raw good or bad?

Many ask me: Is mixing kibble with raw good or bad? Indigo (11) is a German Shepherd from WA that started on a raw food diet 9 years old. Indigo suffered an immune system attack last year, resulting in extreme poly-arthritis. I had been feeding him raw with his kibble for a couple of years before that (breakfast-raw, dinner-not) and as part of his recovery, with the assistance of great conventional and Naturopathic Veterinarians, I switched him to all raw. He has slowly recovered and is energy and movement-wise, back to normal and is doing great. Also in the...

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Ear infections fixed by a raw food diet

Multiple health issues vanished by switching to a raw food diet Darby (6) a StaffordshireBull Terrier from the UK that started on a raw food diet 3 years old. Owner: We adopted Darby from the Scottish Staffy Rescue when he was 1.5years old. We were given a list of foods he was allergic to ( these were mainly cereal based). We started feeding him a premium kibble with no cereals. Darby however still continued to have frequent ear infections and various other allergic conditions/reactions. He was often on steroids and various medications for these. We switched to raw when he...

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Kennel Cough gone in a couple of days

No kennel cough vaccination Mabel is a true huntress. Moved to raw just as her older brother was diagnosed with lymphoma (aged 5, he died 6 months later) Mabel is titre tested and has had no vaccines since age 2 and has no chemical worm or flea treatments. Prior to the switch Mabel would occasionally have ‘gunky’ ears. Never an issue now. She recently was in contact with Kennel Cough and other than a couple of days of mild coughing she fought it off with no bother. Her only vet visits now are for annual health...

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