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Raw fed 8 year old Great Dane

Camelot just turned 8 and is not showing any signs of slowing down. Camelot was born in 2007. He had a rough first 1 1/2 years. He had been adopted a couple of times and then returned due to being emotionally imbalanced. I convinced the rescue organization to let me adopt him. He was an complete emotional wreck when he arrived, but after 2 weeks he calmed down and adjusted and have since been a perfectly balanced dog. When I tell people this is how  a raw fed 8 year old Great Dane looks like, most people are in...

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Rex switched to a raw food diet for dogs

Rex, a Great Dane is my inspiration for my Long Living Pets Research Project. He has an amazing history. I got him at age 4. Already at that age he was severely restricted in his movements due to arthritis. He was a rescue that had spent most of his life in a garage sleeping on a cement floor and fed the cheapest dog food available. When I adopted him I was told by the vet that I could not expect to get more than a year or two with him.  Switching Rex to a raw food diet for dogs was...

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