Recovered from pancreatitis by switching to raw

Recovered from pancreatitis  by switching to raw

Jasper (7) is a Daschund/Italian Greyhound/Cocker Spaniel/English Setter cross. that started on a raw food diet 3 years old.
Jasper is a rescue. We got him at 8 months old and put him on what was considered a high quality kibble. We did not know about the raw diet at this time so we thought we were doing well by him. He was on this diet for a little over a year and then he developed pancreatitis. About the same time, our second dog developed crystals in her urinary tract and the vet recommended Hills Science Diet for both dogs. I asked why he felt this food was better than the one we were feeding our dogs and he got mad at me. Like really mad at me – red in the face kind of mad. I didn’t know of the vet/raw food wars going on so was really shocked and then curious as to his reaction. That is when I started researching and found out about raw. Our dogs get a large variety of meat (we rarely feed chicken/beef/pork – the major farming meats). They get mostly bison, goat, rabbit, elk, wild salmon, sardines, etc. Our favourite brand of food is Carnivora. Sometimes they get PREY and sometimes they get BARF. They get a variety of oils including hemp, coconut, and olive oil. Their diets are supplemented with green lipped mussel, Adored Beast Phyto Synergy, Adored Beasst Enzyme/Pre/Probiotic mix, bone broth (usually venison), fresh eggs from our quails and chickens. I don’t use all the supplements every day – I may or may not use them all or I may give a bit here, a bit there and sometimes I give them a reprieve from them. I like mixing things up and not keeping everything on a schedule or regimen.

Both Lemon ( see other post) and Jasper have exceptional health now. They have been on raw for 4 years and we don’t have joint or skin issues. There are no gastrointestinal issues. Our dogs are vibrant and energetic. Their immune systems are fantastic.


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