Is raw food better than kibble?

Is raw food better than kibble?

Is raw food better than kibble? Many ask that question.

Here is another case that answers that question.

Case from Long Living Pets Research: Cee Cee (2) and Australian Shepherd that started on a raw food diet 2 years old (August 2016)

Our sweet little girl was so itchy and scratching sores on her body (she was miserable). We were feeding her a high quality, grain-free kibble. Our veterinarian put her on a steroid and antihistamine (Termaril P) but I didn’t like the potential side effects so I took her off as soon as I could (before the first prescription was even finished). I decided to start supplementing her kibble with home-cooked food. I sent my home-cooked “recipe” to a vet school for nutritional analysis. The home-cooking/kibble combination seemed to help a little but didn’t completely resolve the itching. I decided to eliminate the kibble and only feed home-cooked. I had been cautioned not to expect immediate results but within a day of eliminating the kibble she all but quit scratching. I knew a little about raw feeding but was scared about doing it wrong. However, after seeing her improvement on home-cooked I wondered what raw feeding would do for her. I decided her health was more important than my fears, researched raw feeding more and dove in. She is doing beautifully and we haven’t looked back.
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My comment:

Is raw food better that kibble? The is no doubt in my mind that raw food is superior to kibble for one simple reason. Dogs are carnivores, and their digestive system is designed for a raw food diet (carnivorous). I have hundreds of dogs in my study that can attest to dramatic changes to their pet’s health when they switched from kibble to raw. Some of these cases are featured on this website.

Steroids and antihistamine are killers of the immune system. This a symptoms approach that is common in veterinary practice. This does not address the cause and is temporary relief that in most cases trigger other symptoms that may encourage more drugs! This can become a vicious cycle that no drugs and medication can resolve.

The cause must be addressed, and that can best be done by changing the environment starting with the food. Any living creature requires certain nutrients to thrive. Dogs get their nutrients from a diet based on raw meat and bones.

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