Raw food is a great Newfoundland dog diet

Raw food is a great Newfoundland dog diet

She was underweight, severe skin allergies, a lackluster coat, and no appetite

Maheli (4) a Newfoundland from SC that started raw 8 months old. She eats everything…rabbit, bison, beef, chicken, turkey, sardines, tripe, quail, raw meaty bones and organs. She is in great health. Vibrant, spunky, white teeth, no stinky breath. She was switched to raw at 8 months old because I couldn’t find a kibble that didn’t make her sick. She was underweight, severe skin allergies, a lackluster coat, and no appetite. I made the switch to raw and have never looked back. She loves her meals, is so beautiful, full of live, no more allergies, and is healthy.
Maheli’s page: http://longlivingpets.com/index.php/maheli

My comment: Of all the dogs on my study skin allergies and low appetite are the most common reasons. Kibble is such a nutrient deficient¬†‘food’ that does not promote a strong immune system. Some dogs have stronger reactions than other, Maheli is one. So happy their owner discovered raw food.

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