Month: March 2018

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For the extraction of liquid from bottles. This is a great way of getting liquids out of bottles like San Shedan. Detoxadine: Nascent Iodine Supplement Of all the Iodine out there this is the only one I recommend for pets and for humans. It is a certified organic, deep-earth sourced nascent iodine supplement. Nascent iodine is the most effective supplemental form of iodine. It is an atomic form of iodine with an incomplete number of electrons, giving it a high electromagnetic charge. The body can absorb and use nascent iodine easily for metabolic and detoxification processes. Not alcohol based so safe for pets. The solution is in triple distilled water. This is what I use for my pets and for myself. We take this daily. Contact me for dosage. Buy It Here Renalex Rated best kidney cleanser! Renaltrex is an energetically enhanced blend of powerful herbs that supports detoxification and normal function of the kidneys. 2 fluid oz. Buy It Here Kidney Cleanse Kit So many dogs I come in contact with have kidney issues/ This seems to be much more of an issue with kibble fed dogs. If your dog comes for kibble and is moving to raw, I highly recommend this. The complete Kidney Cleanse Kit from Global Healing Center is a comprehensive approach to cleansing your kidneys and rejuvenating your system. The kit contains Renaltrex, our potent kidney...

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